Acts 16:31- "So they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household."


Step 5
Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer, name it airbrush shading.
Click on your selection tool, draw a box around the dress, then, click on the dress. This will select it. Check in Selections and make sure that Selections/Float is selected.
Click back on the new airbrush shading layer
Click on your airbrush tool..
Go to Layers/Arrange/Bring to Top. Now click on your tool options box. Use these settings: Shape- Round, Size- 31,
Hardness- 10, Opacity- 24, Step- 25, Density- 50.

Set your stroke (foreground) to a shade either darker of lighter than your color, depending on the affect that you want. I'm going to go ligher.
I used #D478A8.

Airbrush the dress.
Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout. Apply these settings:
Vertical:4, Horizontal: 4, Opacity: 38, Blur: 26.8. Then, do the cutout again, only change the Vertical to -4.

This is what we have so far

Selections/Select None

Add a New Layer, name it collar. Go to Layers/Arrange/Bring to Top.
Click on the Preset Tool..., go to the tool options box, make sure that antialias, and vector is checked. Find the Rounded Triangle and select it.

Set your stroke (foreground)and fill (background) color to a complimenting color. I chose #98A2C2.

Now would be a good time to save.
Go ahead and save in .psp. Saving in psp format will save all of the layers.

Step 6
Click on the object selector.....right click on the dress and select Node Edit

Move the mouse pointer to the top middle, push ctrl. When it says add, click and add a node. Then, pull the middle node downward.

Move the two top inner nodes toward the head.

Next move the bottom outside nodes, outward.

Add two more nodes in the middle on the bottom.

Click on each node on the bottom, right click and then in the popup box select Node Edit/Node Type/Symmetric
Shape your collar.

When you are happy with your shape, then, right click and choose Quit Node Editing.

Then go to Layers/Convert to Raster.

Go ahead and save in .psp. Saving in psp format will save all of the layers.


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