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Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household."

OBJECTIVE: To make snowballs with selections.
Tools Needed:
Paint Shop Pro 7
Snowball Selections
Texurizer Filter

Step 1
Open a new image, 400 X 400, 16 million colors, with transparent background.
I know this is a pretty large area, but, it really gives you a lot of room to work with.
Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer,name it body. Go to Selections/Load From Disk, click on body.sel.

Set your foreground to white and flood fill your circle.

Go to Effects/PlugIn Filters/Texture/Texturizer. From the pop up box set the settings to:
Texture: Sandstone, Scaling: 100, Relief: 3, Light Directions: Top, Invert unchecked.

Keep selected. Go to Selections/Select All, Selections/Float.
Now go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout, and set to these settings.
Vertical: 5, Horizontal: 5, Opacity: 65, Blur: 31, Shadow Color: #848486. Fill not checked. Click ok.

Selections/Select None.
Go ahead and save in .psp. Saving in psp format will save all of the layers.

Step 2
Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer. Name it cheek.
Go to Selections/Load From Disk, Select cheek.sel
Click open.

Click on your flood fill tool. Go to the Color Palette. Under styles, set your foreground (stroke), to #F4D9CD, and your background (fill), to null.

Flood fill the cheek.

Go to Selections/Select None
Now go to Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur. Set the Radius to 7.00

Click ok.


Step 3
Go to Edit Copy, Edit/Paste As New Layer. Use the mover tool
to position your cheek on the face.

Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer, name it mouth.

(At this point, you can either draw your own mouth by, going to the Draw Tool . Go to tool options and select Freehand Line, Width=2, Antialias checked. Draw your mouth.) OR,

You can got to Selections/Load from Disk and select mouth.sel
Flood fill the mouth with black.
Move your cheeks to where you want them to be.


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