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OBJECTIVE: To become more comfortable with vectors and layers.
Tools Needed: Paint Shop Pro 7

Step 1
Open a new image, 400 X 400, 16 million colors, with transparent background.
Click on the Preset Shapes tool . Then go to the tool options: .
Click on it to open up the tools window.
Set to rectangle, check antialias, and create as vector.
(Don't worry about the line width.)
Set your foreground to null and your background in styles to #C89576. Draw a rectangle.

Step 2
Click on Object Selector . Click in the middle of your graphic. Right Click to open up the object window. Select Node Edit . You will need to add four nodes at the top of your rectangle. To do this press ctrl on your keyboard, and place your arrow in the spot that you want to add a node. When it says add, then, right click and it will add your node. Once you have added the nodes, then, you will start to shape your head.

Step 3
Click on the top left side node
then, right click on the node. This will bring up a box, highlight node type
another box will pop on Symmetric .
Round out the ears .

Add two more nodes in the middle of the rectangle.
First click on the left node, then, right click, highlight node type, then, choose Symmetric, and add a little bit of shape to the middle section.
Do the same thing to the right node.


Step 4
Now, go to the bottom of the rectangle. Click on the left node, then right click, highlight node type, then, choose curve before. Shape your bottom left side. Then, go to your right side. Click on the node, highlight node type, then, choose curve after. Shape your bottom right side.

When your cat body is how you want it, then,
Go to Layers/Convert to Raster. Here's what we have so far.
Go to Selections/Select All. Click on the cat body, this will place marching ants around the body. Another way to select the body would be to click on the Selection Tool , and draw a rectangle around the body, then, click on it. This will select it, and cause the ants to march all around it.
Both will do the same thing.

Add a new layer.. Layers/New Raster Layer. Name the layer airbrush. Click on the airbrush tool , then, click on the tool options
Set your Airbrush to: Shape: Round, Size: 40, Hardness: 27, Opacity: 44,
Step: 25, Density: 44
Set your foreground/background color to: #D6AF98.

Spray body



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