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OBJECTIVE: Animating blinkies
If you haven't already created your blinkie to animate, then, go here: Making a Blinkie

Step 1
Go to File/Jasc Software Products/Launch Animation Shop or wherever you Animation shop is, open it. Once in Animation Shop. Go to:
File/Animation Wizard.

Make sure that you have checked, Same size as the first image frame.
Click Next

Make sure that transparent is checked.
Click Next

Make sure that Upper Left Corner of the frame, and With the Canvas Color are checked.
Click Next

Make sure that Yes repeat the animation indefinetly is checked. Set your frame length to how fast you want your animation to be. I set mine at 16.
Click Next

Add your graphics, make sure that you add the first graphic, second graphic, and then, the first one again.
Click Next and then, finish.
Here's what you have so far.

Look at the top of your window, and find the View animation tool.

Click on it.

Now, you need to save it. Go to:
File/Save as, when the window pops up, name your animation.

Set your level, I have mine set high.

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish
And here are some samples:

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Original Graphics 2001-14 Graphics By SueEllen