Acts 16:31- "So they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household."


Step 8
Click on your selection tool. Draw a rectangle around your triangle. Click on the graphic. This will cause the ants to march around it. Then, go to: Effects/3D Effects/Cutout
Change your shadow color to #808080. To change it just click on the shadow box and your color palette will pop up.
Use these settings:
Vertical- 4, Horizontal- 4, Opacity- 38, Blur- 26.8
Click ok. Go to Selections/Select None. Then, Image/Rotate, set it to Right, Free- 10.
Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as new layer.
Image/Mirror . Move to position. Go to the layer palette X out the head layer, and layer 1.
Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Rename collar. Un X the head.

Step 9
Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer. Name the layer shirt.
Set your foreground/background to white. Click on Preset Shapes .
Click on tool options . Set to rectangle, vector and antialias checked.
Draw a rectangle . Click on the object selector .
Click on the rectangle. Select Node Edit, from drop down menu. Add a node on each side of the rectangle.
Right click on one of the nodes, in the popup window select Node Type/Symmetric. Pull slightly outward. Go to the other node, and do the same. Right click, select Node Type/Symmetric. Slightly pull outward.
Click back on your object selector, then click your rectangle, click Node Edit. Push ctrl on your keyboard and add three nodes at the bottom of your rectangle. Move the middle node up.
Select right inner node. Right click, select Node Type/Symmetric. Shape your shirt. When you are done right click. Select Quit Node Edit.
Go to Layers/Convert to Raster Layer. Go to your Layers Palette and move your shirt layer below the collar. Adjust your shirt and collar.

Step 10
Change your foreground color to red, or another color, for your stripes. I chose #C00000. Add a layer.
Layers/New Raster Layer. Name it stripes.
Select your Draw tool, go to tool options, select freehand, width-2.
Go to your selection tool, draw a rectangle around your shirt. Click on the shirt. Now, go back and click on your Draw Tool again.

(By selecting your shirt, when you draw the lines it will keep them contained on the shirt, and not outside.)

Draw your stripes on the shirt
Make sure that you are still on your shirt layer. Go to Effects/Cutout. Use the same settings that you used last. Click ok.
Go to your layer palette and move your collar layer to the top.

(In your layer palette, when you left click on a layer, you will see a hand. You can then drag that layer with the hand to wherever you want it.)

Step 11
Choose a color for your button. I chose a blue, #849CCE. Foreground/Background set to the same color.
Click on Preset Shapes. Go to the tool option, uncheck create as Vector. Change the shape to elipse. Draw your button.
Change your Foreground color to black. Click on the Draw tool, go to options, set it to either freehand or single line, size 2. Draw an X across your button.
Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow. Set your settings to: Vertical- 1, Horizontal- 1, Opacity- 52, Blur- 4.9, Shadow color- black.
Go to Edit/Copy, then, Edit/Paste as New Layer. Move your second button onto your shirt, where you want it to be.
Last chance to position everything where you want it. Go to your Layers palette X our layer 1, and head.
Click on any other layer. Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Go to the layers palette and rename Merged to shirt. Un X head.


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