Acts 16:31- "So they said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household."


Click on your Zoom tool, click on your graphic to enlarge it. This way it will be easier to see.
Go to the Draw tool. Click on the tool options box and set it to either freehand or single line.
Draw a mouth.

Selections/Select none.

Step 6

Go to your layers palette. X off layer 1. Click on any other layer.
Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.
Go back to the layers palette. Find merged click on it. Then right click, and rename. Name it head.

(*note* the head can be used for the boy or girl. At this point you can save a copy of the head in a psp file. You can go to: Window/Duplicate, then save in the .psp format.)

Add a Layer. Layers/New Raster Layer. Name it hair. Click on the Draw Tool. In the tool options set it to either freehand or single line.
Set your Color foreground/background to black, or you can leave the background at null.
Make sure that your line is set to 2. Start drawing hairs on the head. You may want to set the zoom tool to enlarge the graphic.
Pick a hair color. I used red #E22000.
Add a layer. Layers/New Raster Layer. Name it color. Click on your paintbrush tool
Go to the tool options.
Set is as: Shape- Round, Size- 20, Hardness- 50, Opacity- 100, Step- 25, Density- 100. Also click on the little paintbrush, select paintbrush in the drop down box.
Paint a dot on each clump of hair.
Now go to Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur. Set at 4.00


Step 7

Make sure that your layer1 is still x'd out in the layer palette. Then go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Rename head.
Set foreground/background to white.
Add a new layer. Layers/Add Raster Layer, name it collar.
Go to your Preset Shapes, click on the tool options and set it to triangle, make sure to check Create as Vector. Line size doesn't matter.
You can click on the Zoom tool if you want to see the vector better. Draw your triangle. Go to Image/Flip, then move your triangle onto your shirt.
Click on the Object Selector. Right click on the triangle, and choose Node Edit
Your color will disappear from the triangle, but, don't worry, it will be back when you are finished.
Right click on the graphic, from the popup window, choose Node Type/Symmetric.
You can now leave the collar alone or move the nodes around a little. If you are happy with the collar, right click, and choose Quit Node Editing.
Go to Layers/Convert to Raster


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