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OBJECTIVE: To become more comfortable with vectors and layers.
Tools Needed: Paint Shop Pro 7

Step 1
Open a new image, 400 X 400, 16 million colors, with transparent background.
Click on the Preset Shapes tool . Then go to the tool options: .
Click on it to open up the tools window.
Set to elipse, check antialias, and create as vector.
(Don't worry about the line width.)
Set your foreground/background in styles to #F0CAC1. Draw an elipse.

Step 2
Click on Object Selector . Click in the middle of your graphic. Right Click to open up the object window. Select Node Edit. You will need to add two nodes at the bottom of your elipse. To do this press ctrl on your keyboard, and place your arrow in the spot that you want to add a node. When it says add, then, right click and it will add your node. Once you have added the nodes, then, you will start to shape your head.

Step 3
Go to Layers/Convert to Raster.
Take your selection tool Make sure that it is set to rectangle. Draw a rectangle around the head. Then click the head. This will place marching ants around the head. Another way to select the head would be to go to Selections/Select All, then Selections/float. Both will do the same thing.
Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout. Set your shadow color to #F0B5A0, Fill unchecked, Vertical-4, Horizontal-4, Opacity-100, Blur-26.8
Do this twice. The second time change the horizontal and vertical to -4.

Step 4
Add a new layer.. Layers/New Raster Layer. Click on the airbrush tool, then, click on the tool options
Set your Airbrush to:
Shape: Round, Size: 40, Hardness: 27, Opacity: 44,
Step: 25, Density: 44
Set your foreground/background color to: #E09080.
Spray Head
Go to your Preset Tool, in the tool options box, set the shape to elipse, if it isn't already set.
Change your Stroke and fill (Foreground/Background), color to: #F49493.
Draw a cheek. Then use your mover tool to position the cheek on the head.
Go to Effects/Blur/Gaussian Blur, set it to 3.00. Click ok,
Now go to Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as New Layer. Move the second cheek onto the face and place it where you want it to be.

Step 5
Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer.
Click on Draw Tool Click on the tool options box, and set to Freehand, Size 1.
Draw a line on the face for an eye Go to Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as a New Layer, and move the second eye where you want it to be.
Keep head selected. Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer.
Click on Preset shapes. Select triangle in the tool options box.Make sure your foreground color (stroke) set to black, and the background (fill), is Null. The circle with the line through it.
Draw a triangle nose.


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